“Plurilingualism: Advantages for Life” — Lundi 20 Mars 2023

L’ECOLE FRANCO AMERICAINE DU PUGET SOUND est heureuse de vous inviter à « Plurilingualism: Advantages for Life » :
Lundi 20 mars de 17:00 à 18:00
Jérémie Séror, PhD, full professor at the University of Ottawa, will speak on the topic of plurilingualism and the myriad lifetime benefits it bestows upon students.
“Some gifts last a lifetime! Join me for a presentation that will explore the transformative role plurilingualism plays in shaping the future of students and the world they live in. Drawing on research from applied linguistics, I will explore the multiple benefits of plurilingual forms of education, showcasing the cognitive and economic benefits of plurilingualism as well as its powerful impact on empathy, metalinguistic awareness, and intercultural communication skills. I will use real-life examples to illustrate how putting ourselves in the words of others and adopting a “plurilingual lens” allows us to rethink and reimagine the role of languages for creativity, meaning making, and navigating the synergies that emerge from our increasingly interconnected societies.” — Prof. Séror
Merci de vous incrire ICI.
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