Post a job offer on UFE Seattle

If you are looking for a French speaker for a full-time job, a contract, a part-time role or even a one-time gig we would be happy to publish your offer, for free, on our digital properties, reaching >2,000 French speakers directly in the Puget Sound.

Your job posting will be processed within a few days (sorry, no SLA, we’re only run by volunteers). They will be in the next newsletter. The newsletters are sent each Monday morning.

Note: please keep in mind that published offers cannot be removed (e.g. once the job is filled). Please use the PAP service if you want to be able to remove it (it will be a simple indication that a posting targeting the French community has been posted on Craig’s list)

Tip for posting (and to speed it up):

  • Clear and properly formatted text (all caps will not be published as-is!) allows for faster turn-around on our end
  • Keep it short, add links for more details
  • Be specific around your French-language need. If you are looking for people speaking French or X or Y, just post an offer about French. Don’t copy paste an offer that has irrelevant languages or requirements.
  • Avoid using % in the text.

Please fill-in the following information: