Portes ouvertes de la French American School of Puget School le 28/1

(pour cause de tempête de neige, la matinée porte ouvertes a été reportée au samedi 28/1)

At the French American School of Puget Sound, we challenge students to excel academically and thrive in French, American and international cultures. Our program for students from Young Pre-Kindergarten (YPK) through Grade 8 combines the best philosophies of both the French and American educational systems. Students in the Lower School (YPK through Grade 5) enjoy a rich introduction to the French and American cultures and languages.

When:Saturday, January 21 28 , 10 :00am : Visite de l’école, 10 :30am : Présentation

Where: 3795 East Mercer Way- Mercer Island, WA 98040

Plus d’information: https://www.fasps.org/calendars/detail.aspx?pageaction=ViewSinglePublic&LinkID=156&ModuleID=32&StartDate=1/28/2012



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