Les Lilas Recherche Assistant(e) Classe Elémentaire

Amis français, notre école Les Lilas à Kirkland recherche un(e) assistant(e) pour notre classe des grands. Contactez-nous si vous êtes intéressé.e ou partagez si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui le serait. Merci!

Les Lilas French Assistant Teacher

Located just minutes from Microsoft in Kirkland, Les Lilas French Bilingual Community School welcomes children from the age of pre-K to 5th grade on a campus filled with inspiring child-centered learning spaces.

Les Lilas is a warm little school where the notions of conviviality, fun to learn and openness to others are ubiquitous in everyday life.

We are seeking candidates who understand and appreciate the power of childhood and the possibilities of children as unique individuals learning in a social context. We hire assistant teachers committed to collaborative teaching within a vibrant adult learning community.

Les Lilas opened its doors in September 2015 to children aged 3 to 6 years with new classes opening each year. The end of a child’s schooling at Les Lilas will have followed the French National Education Program.


• As an Assistant Teacher, you will assist a Lead Teacher for all aspects of each of our students’ classroom experience.

•You will research and prepare “practical life” activities in accordance with Montessori’s recommendations as well as the current lessons each month for monthly themed activities.

•You will be responsible for preparing the snacks as well as keeping the class neat.

• You will focus on helping to set up a cooperative class.

• You will help build a caring and constructive relationship with children, families and other members of the school’s Teaching Team.

• You will collaborate with parents, artists, craftspeople and other educators to build a new innovative school model to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Strong candidates must have the following professional and personal attributes and commitments:

– An excitement for teaching and learning alongside young children.
– An appreciation for the complexity and uniqueness of children’s developmental timetables.
– A commitment to collaboration and building partnerships with children, colleagues and families.
– A sense of humor and a love of the life of school.
– The ability to work hard and have fun simultaneously.
– Strong verbal, written, planning, organizational and relational skills.
– The ability to learn from direct and honest feedback.
– Crafty, creativity, intellectual agility and initiative.
– A willingness to pitch in when/where needed.
– Understanding of and commitment to progressive education ideals and practices, democratic values, equity, inclusion and social justice.


• You have strong writing and speaking skills in French (native speaker).

• You are interested by the Montessori method.

• You are able to work in multi-cultural settings and able to support and adjust to different teaching styles.

• You will keep a neat, clean and well-prepared environment for the children.

• You know how to communicate by simply making yourself heard and adapting to your audience. You express yourself with ease.

• You enjoy working in a team of dedicated professional and collaborating with your colleagues.

• You must be excited to participate in the development of a new school.

What we offer you:

A hands-on children environment where learning is fun and where all activities are well thought out and part of learning, consolidating or building the groundwork for new skills. As a growing school, we also want to grow our staff and will help with career development and trainings.

Want to invent a new school model with us?

Send us your application! virginie@les-lilas.com