• SeaFair Parade and Hydro Races.  First weekend in August.  Pure mayhem.  The Seafair pirates are a band of friendly clowns who have been doing this for years.  This is a Seattle institution.
  • Paul Allen’s EMP renamed MoPop.  You must see the Experience Music Project to appreciate Seattle’s deep and rich contribution to American music.  Jimi Hendrix, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Grunge (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, etc.), Steve Miller Band, Heart, Gun’s N’ Roses (Duff McKagen, a childhood neighbor and classmate through high school) and many other well known musicians were either raised here or started their careers here.  Hendrix was kicked out of Garfield (so legend has it) for throwing a typwriter out of a window.  His dad still lives here.
  • Art Walks.  Thursday evenings the art galleries around Pioneer Square host free art walks (this occurs at least in the summer).
  • Seattle Outdoor Movies/ Fremont Outdoor Movies/ Marymoor Outdoor Movies (Eastside side).  In the summer, you can watch movies in a parking lot.  People bring sofas, sleeping bags, etc. to watch movies that are shown on a big wall.  Kind of quirky, but that is so Fremont and so Seattle.
  • The Seattle Times has a good section on weekly events every end of the week.